Payment by CcNow 

Please be aware that when ordering through CCNow, there is a handling and shipping charge of 25 US dollars. There is no handling and shipping charge if you order through WorldPay. Or, if you pay by direct remittance, there will not only be no shipping and handling charge, but you can also avail of a discount of 20 percent.

On the other hand, because CCNow offers manual credit card clearing, you may be able to order using your card through CCNow, even when the card was rejected by other payment processors.

To choose another payment processor, click the Back button.

To place your order via CCNow, click the Proceed button.

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Payments through CCNow take three days to be processed on our side. After that, there is a shipment processing time of two days. Thus, your order will be shipped approximately five days after it has been placed. Transshipment time is three days for near Asian destinations, and five to ten days for Europe and North America.

For international orders, we usually only ship the freshest extract, as this is the best quality. But we usually have leftovers of old stock. If you want old stock (albeit not yet expired), inform us by email, and your order can be shipped faster.